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ETZ Payments

etz Technologies empowers the recruitment industry by providing cutting-edge technology solutions from timesheet management, to invoicing tools, and streamlining of back office processes.

ETZ is for recruitment agencies that have temps and contractors. Save back office processing costs by up to 85%. Automate and streamline with the most feature rich recruitment agency back office processing solution on the market. Automate timesheet to invoices to payment in 60 seconds.

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ETZ Payments + Xero

ETZ is able to export and integrate with Xero efficiently and effortlessly as we are both cloud-based, SaaS applications and therefore have similar architecture. Sales and Purchase invoices can be exported to Xero by the push of a button and this requires no set up beforehand from your ETZ system. Once a sales or purchase batch has been created in ETZ, it is simply a case of pushing the Xero button on the batch options to initiate the export synchronisation.

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