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Zahiris Quezada

Services ADP

Excellent work system that allows me to have affordable costs for my clients. Throughout the ADP process, I have always been connected with Luis Bardales, he is District Manager - Accountant Channel, the best and speaks Spanish. 610-345-8009
Tim Nyberg
Very expensive, it doesn't sync with our Xero and has been nothing but a problem. To bad our CPA didn't proactively come to us and suggest a change. I guess I'll have to leave that review some place else.
Renae Rubalcava
ADP is the most incompetent payroll service. Do not select them. I spend more time on the phone correcting their mistakes then I should. I call them nearly everyday to correct something. For example in my own personal paycheck they put 3 as my allowances instead of 1 and for 2015 I owed a significant amount. After two months, I am still working with them as they keep taking money from our checking account even though we have closed our account with them. I called into ADP to prorate a Contractors check and the Client Rep I spoke to asked me how to do that. I called to speak to a Supervisor on Friday about all the problems and I was told to call back, I called back and then he promised he called me on Monday. I never received that call and I had to call back Wed, where again I was promised he would call back in an hour. Again, I never received that call. I finally a callback was made to the wrong number so I never received and the message was relayed to me to call them back again. Who cant call back a number given to them on 5 different occasions. Please do yourself a favor unless you want to spend hours of useless time on hold waiting for a Client Rep who can't fix your problem anyways and avoid ADP at all cost. They don't even qualify for one star.
Jeremy Roth
Terrible terrible terrible. Should've realized it was going to be bad when the sales person showed up in a shiny $100K car. Bad omen. Such a kloogy UI. SO many clicks and confirmations. Useless support. I quit after 1 quarter.
Jacob Campbell
I completely agree with the above two posts. Horrendous customer service. As Brian said, the worst business decision to date. Notices of underpayment, non-filings, child support payments gone missing or sent to the wrong person. Looking forward to Zen Payroll in 2015
Scott Wallace
I agree with Bryan. I started using ADP last July and it has been a nightmare ever since. I'm not utilizing them as of now. Our company has received NUMEROUS not filed, no payment, fines, penalties and interest charges. I even had to pay for UI charges in 2 states where my employees live even though it was being collected. I don't know what's going on with ADP, but with all the new options out there and a much lower cost, they will have to change in order to compete.
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