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Macro analytics for ecommerce sellers. Compare your Xero data anonymously with other sellers. Pinpoint your biggest area for improvement in seconds.


Ecommerce is an ultra-competitive industry. As a seller, you either get better or you go out of business. The problem is there are a million things to work on.

Most sellers use micro analytics tools to get clarity on how to improve their business, but micro analysis can never tell you where your highest point of leverage is. So we built a solution that helps sellers zoom out and get massive clarity on what their business' "one thing" is.

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Coral + Xero

Coral acts as a reporting power-up by pulling data from Xero and helping you digest it more easily. No information is synced back into Xero.

It gathers and groups your Xero chart of accounts into 16 Coral report classes.

Each month, Coral pulls in your income and expenses, groups them by report class, and runs analysis on each area for quick and powerful insights.

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