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Megan Bowmar
We have been using Web Expenses since Summer 2019. Before we had the software in place we were collecting paper forms and receipts from across the business which was a timely process, made longer for the claimants as they had to find the time to get their manager to approve their claim when they were both in the office before we, in accounts, could process the claim. Moving to Web Expenses has completely changed our process making it quicker, easier and less manual. We no longer need to collect mountains of paperwork from staff to enable us to check and approve expenses for payment, the software posts the journals into Xero for us so we don't need to input all of the data and most importantly staff don't need to be in the office at the same time get the approvals from start to finish. During Covid lockdowns and periods of WFH I cannot see how we would have had a functioning expenses system without Web Expenses. Its a great software that all of our staff have fully embraced and quickly learnt how to use due to its intuitive design. The only thing that I could see as a valued improvement is to be able to set the date the claim integrates into Xero with as some of our staff members will open a claim months before submitting meaning it is posted into a period we have already finalised the accounts for.
Clare Johns
I have been using Webexpenses with Xero for about a year and it has let us move away from paper expense claims and also avoid lots of rekeying of information. We added the carbon tracker feature to record carbon usage for train travel. Users have found it easy to create claims and approve them online which has been very useful in 2020!
Tim Rennie
I've been using Webexpenses for about a year now and found it excellent to manage about 15 staff using company cars and/or monthly expense claims. To be able to set up and revise the HMRC Advisory Fuel Rates for company cars to ensure the correct mileage rate is used is brilliant - the only improvement would be if it could actually automatically update each rate from the start of the month it changes. Now we actually have staff attaching copies of their fuel receipts we can actually claim the VAT back on the mileage claims so the monthly subscription actually pays for itself! Up to a few months ago I used to have to export a report to import it into Xero - a 10 minute chore which I viewed as just a necessary evil. No longer! Webexpenses added a true Xero integration so it's now just a button press to transfer the expenses to become bills in Xero. It adds a WBX prefix to the bill number making it easy to find for pay runs. Ticks all the boxes for me.
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