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Roger is engineered to take manual tasks off your plate. This is authentic accounts payable automation, integrated with your Xero platform.

Roger works on top of Xero to automate finance processes like accounts payable, document scanning, expense approvals, spend management and more.

Roger takes you from printing paper and passing it off, to advanced document scanning, uploading, sharing, setting secure approval workflows, managing vendors and paying them for you. Everything in Roger syncs to Xero, reducing manual errors and ensuring your accounting system populates with clean, organized data.

Roger customers range from small to mid- sized businesses from virtually any industry to bookkeeping- and accounting firms of any size.

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Roger + Xero

Roger imports accounts from Xero in the integration setup process.

When you upload invoices and receipts to Roger, all the data such as vendor information, amount, due date, issue date and invoice numbers are automatically synced to Xero. Vendors are created on the fly, and bill payments and approvals are synced over, too.

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