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Andrew Maclean
Dissapointed with Pocketsmith and now an ex-user: To record transfers between bank accounts involves a ridiculous workaround, just create a transfer function. Can't do a surplus/loss report month by month Can't record refunds to the same account (eg clothes refund will be included as clothes income on reports Receipt splits are awkward and you can't notate on separate splits Can't seem to print reports Can't choose a date to report on Net Worth The date format needs improving
Varun Uthappa
Before PocketSmith I was a Xero Personal account user, it worked for me because I could do expense claims between my personal and business accounts. When Xero decided to shutdown Personal account I joined PocketSmith and at the time even though they didn’t have the Xero integration I saw great potential in them! They were releasing new updates every fortnight and Xero integration was on the to-do list. I was really happy with the first release of Xero integration, even though it only lasted 30 minutes, it was good enough time to get all my claims sent to my Xero Business account. But the latest update is a permanent connection to my Xero account and I can do transactions whenever I want! This is by far the best personal finance software I have used!! Thanks and keep up the great work!!
Tracy Herbert
I have been really happy with Pocketsmith, and even more happy when they added the feature to send receipts to Xero. It works well and helps me keep track of personally spent business expenses. Thank you Pocketsmith & Xero for making this possible. I would recommend Pocketsmith to anyone looking to keep track of personal expenses now that Xero Personal is no longer in operation. I find it easy to budget, categorise and overview all my personal spending. For example, at the click of a button I can see how much I have spent on coffees over whatever timeframe I choose. (A bit of a wake up call) I've now been using for 2 years and could not budget so well without it.
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