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Auto-Fetch Itemized Receipts. Greenback automatically syncs itemized transactions from top marketplaces and vendors.

Bank and credit card feeds only give you a partial view of your transactions. Rather than guess what was purchased or sold - reconcile with the actual itemized transaction. Greenback lets you connect to top marketplaces and vendors, sync itemized receipts, and reconcile that data with Xero.

Skip the photos, scanning, or typing. Connect to Amazon, Best Buy, Delta, eBay, Etsy, Home Depot, Lowes, Lyft, Menards, NewEgg, Staples, Stripe, Uber, Walmart, and thousands of other companies.

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Greenback + Xero

Reconcile with confidence between Greenback and Xero. Create or enhance bills, invoices, or spend/receive money transactions. Original receipts are uploaded as attachments. Assign accounts and/or items to line items that match what you bought or sold. Track categories, assign sales/purchase taxes, as well as contacts.

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Josh Hutson

so far unimpressed

I had the free plan. after getting Amazon linked up I realized that the free plan only imported the last 5 transactions. It did a great job at doing that so I decided that the annual plan was worth the money and I paid $162 for an annual plan. Obviously I expected after paying to refresh my transactions and see all of 2020. I hit refresh and nothing happened. Turns out you have to request a "Catch Me Up" to get the last 300 transactions. Ok, so i look for the button to request it and i get a splash page that makes me copy and paste their support email address, create a new blank email, fill in all my pertinent account info, and then request that an "engineer" manually perform an import, that they will get to "usually" in the next day or 2. So now that I've forced myself to sit down and do the thing that I hate the most in my business, taxes and the books, have found the software I need to make it work, and paid for an annual subscription, its all been brought to a screeching halt for some unknown reason, because if you can automate the importing of 5 transactions you can automate 300. Greenback may be the greatest thing since cherry cheesecake once it's all setup, but this unnecessary delay has be rather aggravated. I'll update this after the "Catch Me Up" is done and the next time I stop everything to sit down and screw with the books. lame.
Damien Studer
Can you edit a bill's reference field before exporting to xero ? A demo video shows the ref field displaying a long, random chain of characters, we rely on this field a lot and manually editing each transaction once in xero would be be inefficient.
Joscelin Kenny
We made the change to Greenback in Summer 2020. Onboarding was pretty straightforward, there was plenty of patient handholding provided (particularly helpful for people like me with no Accounting background) by Sandra and also Alex, who made the transition smooth and have continued to be supportive, ever-friendly and helpful - Sandra is my Greenback goddess and never fails to have the answer even to complex tax compliance questions. Greenback are a young company but boy do they know their stuff. Their solution saves our little company hours of work every month, I'm confident that our sales are accurately reflected in Xero and our taxes, fees etc are accurate and compliant. It has made such a difference changing to Greenback from trying to manage multiple sales channels, currencies and fees via spreadsheet. Once setup is complete, the only work required is exporting transactions to Xero, which we do as and when it suits us. We have multiple small orders and it was truly onerous managing these across Amazon (multi-countries), eBay, Etsy, our own website and so on. There's even a function (which admittedly we've not used much, but it's there!) to have a smart mailbox which converts all your purchases into transactions that can be exported into Greenback, and new integrations are being added all the time. Real humans answer queries - even the stupid ones - with patience, knowledge and quick action. Just brilliant, a huge timesaver, and really it costs pennies for the service you get. We've no regrets and no hesitation in recommending them!
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