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Validate your clients’ Xero data in seconds! Link your Xero accounts and instantly identify anomalies without the hours of grunt work. Simply visit https://www.zerlock.io and select the Sign in to Zerlock with Xero button



• immediate feedback on the quality of data in your client’s Xero file across your entire portfolio in one place.

• identify violations of data integrity rules, examining the completeness, consistency and accuracy of the data in Xero

• deep link to the transactions in Xero for immediate action

• intuitive Xero Health Score dashboard designed to reduce data validation grunt work

• delivers a real impact reducing your unbillables and the teams efficiency.

With Xero integration you will have transparency across your client portfolio in minutes using queries that report results that are relevant to you. You no longer need to check every transaction. Zerlock query results provide direct links to each Xero transaction anomaly.

Zerlock provides information on:

• The number of unreconciled transactions across your full client portfolio

• How many bills remain in draft status across your full client portfolio

• Which client’s files are missing information such as attachments for bills and spend money

• What transactions have been entered inconsistently across both the account codes and the GST types

• Duplicate contact information including the contact name, ABN and bank account details.

• And much much more.

Zerlock will provide you with time saving transparency, drive GP, reduce your unbillables by doing the grunt work for you and give you confidence in the financial data you use to lodge and report with.

Explore all features of Zerlock

Zerlock + Xero

Find all the anomalies in your clients’ Xero data in seconds. Using Log in with Xero integration, you dive directly into the data queries seamlessly and with the 30 day free trial, you can learn without obligation how Zerlock will soon become your client status dashboard, where Xero data integrity is checked hourly.

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Ryan O'Grady
5 out of 5 stars

An app that makes you money!

Awesome app which paid for itself (plus more) within a few weeks. I found 4 transactions which were missing GST so I was able to claim this money in our BAS.
Georgie Torrens
5 out of 5 stars
I had it running a query within minutes on my clients xero data, and the results took me directly to the transaction in xero which was handy. I like the way it ran the queries across all my xero clients at once. Worth a try.
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Added in 2020


Australia, New Zealand, United States




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