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Accounts Team

WFM support is WOEFUL

*Check the latest reviews before purchasing* After 7 years as a mostly satisfied customer (albeit a few hurdles along the way and little to no progression in system functionality), I find our business in a difficult situation due to a lack of support. Like most businesses, ours relies heavily on this tool for many day-to-day functions and without decent support and communication we see many issues compounding - We are over a week without replies or any resolution to our latest connectivity issue within WFM>XERO. Accessibility to the support team is limited and resolution of issues is terribly slow. I am waiting now for over a week and cannot complete invoicing in any sensible manner.
Colin Miles

Hasn’t progressed. We’re switching to another system

We’ve used WFM in our agency for the last 6 years. We bought in because it is a Xero owned service and we thought Xero would evolve it to be as user friendly and feature rich as it’s main platform. Regrettably it hasn’t happened. In 2020 we reviewed the market for agency / professional services management systems and found several alternatives with much richer features and better UI / UX for the same or less ££.
Belinda Randall
I have been using Xero (for 9 yrs) and WFM (7yrs) for years and up until recently been extremely impressed. BUT post XERO integration support is terrible - its worse than TELSTRA - I know that's BAD! Whilst the functionality of WFM and XERO is excellent the support sector is at the other end of the spectrum and needs to be addressed! It is incredibly frustrating when the system you rely on for all your business's workflow has an issue and you're left waiting for a response that comes hours and hours later, in the middle of the night and is clearly out of a scripted response book!! To add to the frustration, there is no flagging system or phone support for urgent issues. Last of call is the integration problem - Our XERO account was subscripted through our Accountant's firm before we later independently subscription the WFM add-on to XERO. Recently when XERO and WFM integrated, our control of the WFM subscription was lost to our accountant firm!! But they still happily take payment from our Credit Card! I am still waiting after a week to have this addressed, let alone resolved!!!! I am a very unhappy and frustrated customer.
Shaun Clarke
We have just started to Xero and WFM for our electrical business. Xero from the start of the year which has massively improved the time taken for the book keeping side of the business. We decided to go with WFM and have been trying to implement from April for our site engineers to get away from job sheets etc etc. One thing i can't understand on the App is when you want to enter a Cost it doesn't show the Cost database items that we have been painstakingly inputting into WFM which we have hundreds of items. Surely with this being cloud based these should show up in the App as the Task items do and it would help massively with our guys on site. If we are doing something wrong any advice would be greatly appreciated as this would tick all the boxes for us but not having this feature is a little disappointing.
Josh Licence
As a cloud integrator, WorkflowMax power user and advisor for the past 3 years, we have found WorkflowMax to really hit that sweet spot between usability and strong data model for reporting. We love the strong financial control and job visibility we have, this allows us to empower and trust our staff in owning their work end to end, and have this flow through seamlessly to Xero and our custom BI reports for KPI measurement. We also love the flexibility of being able to implement WorkflowMax in a range of client industries, from professional services, architecture, IT, marketing, construction and agriculture. There is a learning curve - what we call the 'hockey stick curve' - to getting the full potential out of WFM, however by leveraging the WFM support team and advisers like ourselves you can stage this out and manage the implementation process in a way that delivers the most value to your business. :)
Rachel Leonhardt
There use to be a training portal within workflow where you could go and practise on raising purchase orders etc, where has this gone? Is there a new place to login into to do training for staff members. It was really helpful area within workflow
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