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Diana Stefanyshin
Does anyone know if there is an automatic import from Wagepoint to Xero or do I have to go in each time and export the data. I can't seem to find a function that allows the reports to pull in automatically.
Ryan Lazanis
Great team and great app! This is certainly our go-to payroll app when it comes to our small business Xero customers. The UI is easy to navigate, there's a nice Xero integration, but more important than anything is the level of service that the Wagepoint team provides. Since running payroll is an exceptionally time-sensitive process, ensuring that you're enable to receive time support is important, and Wagepoint can fully provide for this.
Chad Davis
We have a bunch of customers using the Wagepoint and Xero integration. My favourite aspect is how customizable it is. Most integrations build the logic for you, but these guys did a great job of allowing you to select what and where things are posted in Xero. Couldn't be happier with what they built. Specifically, if you pay certain aspects outside of Wagepoint, you have control in Xero to pay things through the bill (and not a clearing account).
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