The simplest way to pay and get paid both internationally and domestically. Veem is an easy and affordable alternative to bank wires, cheques, and PayPal.

    Veem is a global payments company built for businesses and accountants. Users can receive and send payments in a click. There are no subscription or transaction fees to send and receive international or domestic payments. Veem lets you invite your bookkeeper, accountant or your team members and assign different levels of authority. Payments and invoices approved in Veem are tracked and automatically reconciled with your Xero account. With Veem you can save time on reconciliation, so you can use your time on finding better insights and growing your business.

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    Veem + Xero

    Save Money: Pay and get paid internationally and within the US with no subscription fees and preferred foreign exchange rates.

    Save Time: Easily manage and automatically reconcile bills and invoices. Sync payment information and attachments in real-time. Easily collaborate with one-click approvals.

    Stay Secure: Veem ensures your business’ security with two-factor authentication access and multi-level payment approvals.

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    Judah Kosky

    Good price point annoying workflow and lacking important features

    So I like the free domestic payments and such. There integration with Xero is amazing. However they lack some critical components that you would think should be standard for AP or AR. - their premade user settings are flawed. If you have user power, you also have the power to make yourself or anyone else an approved. This makes sense if you could customize the different abilities, but they have made it that some users get the user power without actually needing to. This is a security issues. - Automatic recurring bills or invoices are not available. They keep talking about it, but after2 years they aren’t where closer. - setting up new vendors is deceitful and not straightforward. They try to get you to always send vendors an invite into Veem. This can cause the payments to get stuck. Many vendors get frustrated with this. - check pay... well they FINALLY rolled out a beta version of check pay, but they lack some critical components like being able to have a memo line on the check. - still no credit card pay. All in all... UX had a clunky feel. Overall, I am not impressed and kinda frustrated after using them for 2 years... they keep letting me down.
    Megan Shell
    I thought this was going to save time, but it's been nothing but a headache. 1: When you connect Veem to Xero it takes up your Credit Card payment link spot, so if you want to offer your customers an ACH option and a Credit Card option on the same invoice, tough - you can't do it. I called. 2: It charges your customers $1 to pay their invoices. Maybe your clientele is fine with this, mine is not and they were not upfront about this fee when we signed up. 3: If you want to send payment to your vendors it is not as easy as putting in their bank info and sending the payment. The vendor has to be willing to make a Veem account and accept their payment. Our vendors just aren't interested in doing business this way. This probably works well in some industries but it doesn't fit ours at all sadly. That said, I am at least glad I'm not out any money for giving it a try - just a lot of time getting it set up.
    Mohamad EL-Bawab
    Paying our contractors (US and abroad) and vendor is a snap now, once we create them in Xero, payment is few clicks away. Our contractors are happy with Veem too, as the money go directly to their local bank account, on time, in their local currency after exchange at fair/competitive exchange rates.
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