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Translucent #Multi-Entity

By Translucent-#Multi-Entity
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Consolidation, intercompany transactions, group reporting, group AP & AR, bank account consolidation, live spreadsheets, multi-entity search and more! Translucent enables larger companies to succeed on Xero. #groups #multi-entity #erp
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May 2023


From the founder of Receipt Bank, Translucent consolidates your accounting data and gives you all the multi-entity apps you need – including Group Reporting, Intercompany, Live Spreadsheets, Bank Consolidation, Search and more.

App #1 - Group Reporting Real-time and accurate consolidated reporting. Whether you have 2 or 200 entities, create consolidated P&L, balance sheet, trial balance, group AP and group AR reports.

App #2 - Live Spreadsheets Sync your accounting data to your spreadsheets. Build live, customisable reports in spreadsheets with Live Sheets. Sync any report Translucent with Excel / Google Sheets.

App #3 - Intercompany Transactions Easily spot discrepancies in your intercompany balances and automate the process of creating and posting journal entries.

App #4 - Search Search all your accounting data in one place. Translucent search is the best way to find transactions. Search across all entities, search for vendor name, invoice number and even search description.

App #5 - Bank Consolidation All your bank balances, from all your bank accounts across your entities.

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Translucent #Multi-Entity
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Translucent #Multi-Entity + Xero

Translucent transforms all your individual Xero entities into a single system of record. The Translucent and Xero integration allows you to make use of advanced search functionality, across all your entities, at the same time.

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Alex Hein
Posted 7 Feb 2024
5 out of 5 stars
Innovative and time saving - Translucent works as advertised and enables me to run multi entity P&L's at the click of a button for any date range required - when doing fortnightly reporting this saves me about 3-5 hours per month per client group that I use this for
Sophie Conaghan
Posted 1 Oct 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Great search

Search has been helpful to locate specific vendor transactions across the multiple entities
Barbara Mundell
Posted 25 Sep 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Great Search

This is the best app that I have managed to find to search for information across companies. We have clients that does a lot of inter company transactions and this helped me search and reconcile them very quickly.

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Translucent #Multi-Entity
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By Translucent-#Multi-Entity
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