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Guy Boggan


All the reviews here are from the sort of people who leave 'reviews', they'd complain about anything. I'm only writing this to compensate because I think stripe are fantastic, I dare people here to suggest a better payment integration platform at the moment, Stripe is so easy to use, so transparent, and integrates across a tonne of platforms. The dashboard is a pleasure to manage payments in and issue receipts & refunds if necessary. Yes you have to wait up to a week to have funds deposited but if you have a SEPA bank they will arrive exactly when they say they will, and they have recently added instant payments within the UK so hopefully that will role out soon everywhere. Plus with the added ease of taking payments you'll still get your funds quicker than archaic accounting teams that finally get around to a bank transfer a month later. And this is also only really a noticeable issue at the beginning because once you start regularly invoicing you'll constantly have money being deposited just it'll be from the week before etc, cash flow will balance out. And yes they have fees but they are much lower than other platforms, I'm based in Ireland and their fee is 1.4% + €0.25 (+Vat), where as PayPal is 3.4% + €0.30 (+Vat) and that is a significant difference. The one thing I would love to be updated with this integration, is to integrate the new Stripe Climate Badge into the card payment on a Xero invoice, it doesn't show up even if you have it active in Stripe and for Stripe Invoices.
Julian Saxby

If I could go zero stars i would

Zero support, they will just unauthorise your account and withhold your money, all whilst lying about a 24-48 hour turn around - I have been waiting a week now
Munir Vara

No support

I signed up for Stripe with all the correct information. I was aware I would have to wait 7-14 business days for the first payouts to process. I am going going 20 days now and I get the same response from every agent. I call, email and chat. The emails are being ignored. The call center agents are now disconnecting my calls without answering. They even refuse to refund the fees they took from my payments. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE.
Shane Kosic

High fees and take a long time to release funds

a 1.4% fee, with a charge, and also hold your money for a long time! absolute robbery
Mark Molen

Poor service - High Fees

The service is horrible and the fees are very high. They do not compromise on either. Live with it. Period. Find another supplier. This is a tech giant out to mess with the US and world.
Coraleigh Parker

Slow and expensive

Do not recommend- super high fees and hold your money for days. Not a fair service. Practically robbery.
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