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Tim Deverell

Do not use, Xero should delete.

This is easy to set up and use on invoices, however the issues,are: fees 1.75% plus $0.30 per transaction; then the clients pay the invoice immediately however Stripe hold the money for between 7 and 30 days, if you query the payment they then request an account identification and hold your money even longer. They are not based in Australia and have no way to contact them here so they fall outside of consumer law. Xero needs to delete them from the system.

Dangerous reserve funds

Arbitrary reserved funds can be built into your account, and you then can sit on your payments for weeks on end. If you need your card payments to be paid out fast, be careful using Stripe.
Nathan Smallcomb

10 Years of Solid

I see others complaining about slow payouts and held money. That's happened to me - but only because of client misbehaviors (almost always an accident). They pay me within 2 days. In ten years I've dealt with two chargebacks - and won both - because the client made a mistake. No downtime. No confusion in the payment process. Easily forecast fees. Dandy.
Gloria Rivera

Retain money for long periods

When finally you get to sell, stripe might retain the money and to get their features, you will need to spend money in a IT professional to get the set up and who knows their language
Paul O'Connell


Stripe have been holding our money for 2 months & when we contacted them to ask why, they stated a reserve had been placed on our account due to the increase in payments been made all of a sudden. We have been given the runaround to try & have our money paid out & will not be using this service again! Once our money has been paid out, we will be closing Stripe.
Brett Wormington

On the phone with customer service... Deleted it straight after.

No level of service. The web is misleading as to what I was after and when I approached customer service. I was less than impressed. Anyway, its gone now.
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