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Mark Molen

Poor service - High Fees

The service is horrible and the fees are very high. They do not compromise on either. Live with it. Period. Find another supplier. This is a tech giant out to mess with the US and world.
Coraleigh Parker

Slow and expensive

Do not recommend- super high fees and hold your money for days. Not a fair service. Practically robbery.
Scott Riley
Very easy to implement - up in 30 minutes. As others have said you will have to wait 7 days for payment and you don't get notifications when payments made. These are the only two drawbacks I can see. If you are an ecommerce site it is great when using with Xero accounts. When you reconcile Stripe payments in Xero it auto matches sales invoices with Stripe payments. We use the hosted page in Stripe so you can take all manner of payment types including Apple Pay etc. The fees are 1.4% + 20p which is way cheaper than doing it with Apple direct. For an extra fee of 0.4% you can be covered against any fraudulent transactions too and not have to provide any evidence.
Mark Baner
Disclaimer: I am using Xero and Stipe but not the native integration. I was already using Stripe when I was recommended Xero. So, I decided to connect my Stripe account to Xero (https://automate.io/integration/stripe/xero). I did not want to import/export data from Stripe. Rather I saw connecting these two apps gave better functionality. I am still exploring Xero but I really liked the invoicing part. I haven't really tried the native integration part. I have been using this no-code platform, Automate.io (http://www.automate.io/) to sync all my work apps. So I went ahead with this integration option. Whenever there is a new contact in Xero, customer is automatically added in Stripe. Again when my customers make a new payment through Stripe, an invoice is automatically generated in Xero. I am liking this kind of automated workflows for now. :)
Raelene Flay
Stripe is a joke! Setting up was seamless and super easy and I went with Stripe based on the credibility I gained from Stripe being promoted on the Xero website and Rocketspark. However on the 8th and 9tth transaction Stripe started holding 25% in reserve funds as per their T's & C's. No issue with that however when I asked for a reason the emails have gone back and forth for days without providing a valid reason. Finally I got this response from them: "As much as we’d like to provide you with detailed information why we are unable to remove the reserve on this account, I'm afraid that to protect our processes, we are unable to disclose any further information." WOW! Just wow is all I can say. I am looking elsewhere for my online payment processing. I rate them a big fat ZERO!

Response from Stripe

@Raelene Flay, if you reach out via heretohelp@stripe.com, we'd be happy to take another look!
John Herron
Avoid this processor - no customer support. Can't access my account and they have payments on hold beyond 10 days

Response from Stripe

@John Herron, it looks like you were able to resolve this with our support team but let us know if any further questions or issues come up!
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