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Intuitive and easy to use cash flow forecasting - a software tool which gives you control of your cash flow and sales pipeline.

Simply Cashflow is an automated simple to use cash flow forecasting tool with a worksheet style to give a clear understanding of your forecast. Automated importing of all your raised and received invoices, bank transactions including daily bank balance updates. Permitting users to forecast ahead Daily, Weekly or Monthly for up to 5 years. It's about good business management empowering business owners to be successful by giving them the visibility of their forecast cash position; be that in 1 week, 1 month or 1 year ahead.

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SimplyCashflow + Xero

You can work on multiple scenarios with our clever What-if functionality giving you the ability to test out different options in your business.

We display your Actuals alongside your Forecasts to give you visibility of the full picture giving you the control and clarity you need for your own cashflow.

You can forecast many months ahead (up to 5 years) and we will match that up as and when these are created in Xero.

You can easily update your forecast by changing the date and/or value as needed, including setting up repeats as required.

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