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Sean Birdsell
I've been so, so pleased with how Rotessa works in my own business, and in the businesses of my clients. If you think PAD might be right for you, Rotessa is a cost-effective way to give it a try. The integration works as advertised, and now that it Auto-Syncs it's easier than ever. Support has always been quick and efficient. They often take some extra time to figure out what and why I'm trying to do something, which I suspect feeds nicely into their development cycles. One feature that is small but meaningful to me is that Rotessa puts your business name on the bank statement line of the client. GoCardless doesn't do that, which I thought was kind of unprofessional and makes client bookkeeping more difficult.
Shawn Gander
Rotessa is one of the top applications / Xero integrations used in my accounting practice. It's easy to automate client/customer payments (with auto syncing / invoice matching to Xero). Their flat rate pricing is competitive and transparent. Easily save hundreds to thousands of dollars in credit card transaction fees depending on the value/volume of transactions you're pushing through your business. It's ideal for recurring customers that are willing to sign a quick electronic PAD.
Simon Lacroix
Rotessa as helped us automate our payment collection to the fullest. With the Xero integration, we are able to get paid on time and in a user-friendly matter for our clients.
Mackenzie MacAuley
No review, but our organization is considering this app...would like to know how the integration is...
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