Outlook Integration Tools - QWD

    The Outlook Integration Tools gives you an array of productivity tools to help enhance your workflow and take advantage of the power of MS Outlook

    This addon is suited for small businesses who already use Microsoft Outlook to help manage their day to day work. It helps extend features in Outlook to intuitively work with Xero.

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    Outlook Integration Tools - QWD + Xero

    When you install the addon, there will be several new ribbon menus available within Outlook. Simply connect to your Xero Account(s) and you'll be able to sync contacts, send invoices, use calendars for timesheets and/or billing plus much more.

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    Allen Bolderoff
    This product is amazing. full integration with outlook. makes keeping my contacts synchronised so much easier. fully recommend the product.
    Jaron Mott
    As I keep track of all my billable time in an Outlook calender i wanted something that would import directly into Xero. I spent weeks looking for a straight forward tool, finally i came across the QWD Outlook Integration Tool. Within an hour i had it working to the point that I could start billing. Invoicing each month use to take me 4-8hrs, now it only takes my 15mins and i also have the ability of keeping track to see how my month is going. This app is worth every dollar.
    Sonet Venter
    I couldn't believe my luck recently when I finally found an add-on that integrates Outlook with Xero for time and billing. After trialling it for the full 14 days, it never disappointed and I have since purchased the product. There are many very good time and billing add-ons out there, but this one has proved to be the best for my requirements. Have also strongly recommended this to a number of my clients. Like I said in my review of the QWD Excel Integration Tool, these guys rock!
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