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Customer Lobby

Connect Customer Lobby and Xero to automate your marketing, get more repeat business, and acquire more customer reviews.

It’s Not Easy!
It’s hard to figure out which groups of customers, marketing channels, and types of messages will have the highest returns. It can all get overwhelming very quickly!

Customer Lobby Knows What Works
We use data and artificial intelligence to automate customer retention, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.

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Customer Lobby + Xero

Customer Lobby syncs directly with your customer data. We use that data to determine which customers are most likely to need service, and automatically reach out to them with postcards and emails.

Get Specific
Have a specific group of customers that you want to reach out to? Our advanced segmentation capabilities let you target super specific subsets of customers.

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Made by Ryan Johnson
Added in 2016


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