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Tessa Lyes

Everything we need

As a small manufacturing business who also sells B2B and via ecommerce, Katana is a dream to help manage all elements of our inventory efficiently. The exceptional customer service means dealing with any questions/issues is easy.
Jared Hansen

The MRP system I wish I'd always had

Katana's awesome, full stop. I've been working with manufacturing businesses for years, and for years I've lamented Xero's relatively weak inventory management system. Two years ago I tried literally every MRP app I could find to plugin to Xero; they were all pretty bad. Along comes Katana, which maybe was around earlier but was "new to me" just this year, and ... wow. Mostly, it Just Works. The Xero integration works seamlessly for bills and sales orders, which speeds AP/AR quite a bit. 90% of the tool's value is outside of Xero though, and I now have a permanently-pinned Katana tab in my browser for tracking everything in the production flow from raw materials purchasing, to production, to sale, to reconciliation of remaining materials and product stock. It's great. Is it perfect? Not quite. They need to do some performance work, as load times are often a little sluggish. Also, it would be nice to see finer-grained automation, and better contact syncing. But overall, I'm delighted.
Nick Liew

Really useful tool to track stock for manufacturers

Extremely useful for those with raw materials -> manufacturing -> finished goods -> COGS This process can be very tedious and Katana has saved days of work each month.
Masataka Mukai

One of the Best Inventory Management Software

Easy user interface with great support.
Paul McTaggart


Our manufacturing process is relatively complex due to the number of raw materials included. Katana has been excellent in helping us transition away from spreadsheets and into a more professional way of doing things. The interface is really simple and easy to use while the ability to create recipes for each product has helped massively in keeping an accurate track of our raw material stock levels. Highly recommended!
William Martin

Can't imagine not having Katana

We are a brand new ice cream shop with very little experience in the mfg world. We make our own ice cream so it's essential to make sure we never run out of materials. I actually get excited to work on the Make Orders and then the Buy process. It's just so simple and makes my life so much easier.
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