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SINC Workforce

Accurate job costing, timesheets, staff scheduling, task management, incident reporting and more. We are your boots-on-the-ground staff management system.

SINC bridges the gap between the worksite and the office, providing a user-friendly mobile platform for staff to communicate key data on-site and in real-time providing a single source of truth for:

Accurate job costing Running payroll quickly and accurately Improving job profitability Reducing risk across your business Scheduling your workforce to reduce no-shows Recording safety incidents as they happen in the field

Available on Android, iOS and Web Browsers, SINC is designed to be accessible to both staff and managers wherever and whenever it's required. Start your free 30-day trial today.

SINC - The Easy Way To Manage Your Construction Workforce

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SINC Workforce + Xero

SINC provides submission of staff timesheets to your Xero Payroll as well as cost-coded job timesheets for Xero Projects. When you start using the powerful combination of SINC and Xero in your business, you heavily reduce the admin burden of gathering job costing and payroll data allowing you to spend your time on other aspects of your business. All of this employee data is then easily sent to Xero for processing.

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