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Employee time tracking for payroll, project tracking and invoicing. Includes overtime alerts, job codes, break rules, free mobile apps with GPS and more.

All-In-One Employee Time Tracking & Workforce Solutions for Businesses of All Types and Sizes. Easily track your employees work hours in real-time across any device, get overtime alerts, automate timesheet payroll reports, and save thousands yearly on inefficiencies. Mobile and desktop time tracking built for businesses with GPS, overtime alerts, real-time messaging, advanced reporting and more. Learn why over 35,000 businesses trust Boomr to manage their employee time!

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Boomr + Xero

Employees use Boomr to track hours worked directly from their smart phone, tablet or PC. Hours worked data is then sent over from Boomr to Xero (with the click of a button). All hours sent from Boomr sync automatically with your company's payroll and overtime settings. This data then gets sent directly to payroll, that’s it. No more broken manual processes, no more fragmented software solutions, and no more errors in your data.

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