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PwC's Cashflow Coach

Cashflow Coach is a cloud based, predictive tool that helps business owners navigate their short-term cash flow, up to six weeks ahead.

Real-time oversight of short-term cash flow is critical, especially for small-medium businesses, to stay on top of day to day activities, from paying wages and suppliers, to meeting interest and rental payments. However this is often difficult to achieve, even for the savviest of business owners and not getting it right can mean missing growth opportunities or worse, business failure.

Cashflow Coach has been developed to eliminate cash flow management problems for small-medium business owners and startups. It is a simple and intuitive prediction tool that provides an instant and real time view of short term cash flow.

When connected to your Xero cloud accounting software, Cashflow Coach’s proprietary machine learning algorithms analyse business transaction patterns from historic data relating to customers, suppliers and bank records. By analysing customer and supplier behaviour, Cashflow Coach can intelligently form a prediction of your cash flow up to six weeks in advance.

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PwC's Cashflow Coach + Xero

Cashflow Coach integrates seamlessly with Xero to to create a real time prediction of your cash position today, tomorrow and up to six weeks ahead.

We import every bill and invoice from Xero and use machine learning to analyse customer and supplier behaviour to form a prediction of when these will be paid.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence also forms predictions of cash transactions and recurring income and expense payments.

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PwC's Cashflow Coach
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