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Nikolay Atanasov

Drop Lightspeed or choose a new accountant

We have a rule in the practice not to take any clients that use Lightspeed. Out of respect for the long relationship and trust we have build with existing clients that use Lightspeed we continue to support them. I have no problems with LightSpeed itself, in fact before MTD when we were just posting manually once a month a summary of sales and CoS it was all good. What keeps me awake at night (literally) is the black box integration between Lightspeed and Xero called Shogo -rebranded to Lightspeed accounting. I have spent countless hours trying to figure why it posts some things, some not, some in the wrong accounts. Every year we have a huge reconciliation mop up exercise at year end for every client that uses Lightspeed and Shogo. Just now I am dealing with an issue where Lightspeed posted transactions it has somehow missed posting for the last 3 quarters resulting in a massive VAT bill for the client from late claim adjustments. Client has not changed anything in the settings, neither have we. Support - replies after a few months usually saying nothing wrong with Shogo. Only thing I am left with is to continue pleading with clients to drop LS all together.
Johnny Mak

So bad its not even funny

This is not intergration.
Mark Leenaerts

Lightspeed does not integrate with Xero.

Be warned, Xero does not natively integrate with Lightspeed. Lightspeed use a third party called Shogo, rebranded as Lightspeed Accounting, to extract the data from their crappy API, and then Shogo "integrates" with Xero. "Integrates" is being kind. It "integrates" in about the same way north as North Korea integrates with South Korea. It's totally inadequate; feature poor, impressively difficult to set up, not customisable, then buggy and unreliable. All the things you want in your accounts, right? Certainly do not pay extra for it - the only reason we use it is because there is no way to extract invoice numbers from purchase orders in Lightspeed. Why would you want invoice numbers, a tax requirement in every country that has a tax system, easily searched?? (which you cannot in Lightspeed or "Lightspeed Accounting" aka Shogo).
David Geisel

Integration is bad

Lightspeed is good on its own, but the integration with Xero is garbage. It works just more than 50% of the time for us, and has not been fixed in YEARS. Lightspeed violates a few basic accounting principles in the way it keeps its data, so pulling data out of Lightspeed requires spreadsheet manipulation. It is the worst software integration I have to work with.
Clare Wigley
Hi Bryce, I am a bookkeeper and am helping a bicycle shop in QLD Brisbane set up with Lightspeed and Xero. Would you have five minutes to chat and get a general idea how you set up you categories especially with Bicycles and Frames with serial numbers? Many thanks Clare
Gerhard Barth
I am experiencing the same issue with an 'Inventory' type account in Xero not showing up in Shogo/Lightspeed Accounting for mapping with Lighspeed categories. Is this something Xero needs to address from their end? The 'Current Asset' type account may be the workaround for now, but is this likely to get a fix in order to be able to use 'Inventory' type accounts? I am following the Shogo/LSA guide to post separate payment deposit invoices awaiting payment together with an itemized (or summary) invoice with total payments posting to the Xero 'Tracking Transfers' system account clearing a zero balance. Does the use of the 'Tracking Transfers' system account for this pose any potential problem, if Xero were to lock this account for posting in the future as it apparently does with 'Inventory' type accounts? I am still waiting on an answer to these questions from both Xero and Shogo/LSA before proceeding to activate posting to Xero from Shogo/LSA. Hope to hear back!
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