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nick hawkins

Poor after support

Cin7 is great when it works, however there is never a period of time when it doesn't have an issue! Takes months to resolve any issues. I would honestly say, take your time and look at other systems prior to signing up. Cin7 has a great onboarding team , however once your live there is zero support, and that is when you need the service to be great as your data is live!
Natale Clark
Cin7 was a great team to work with in customizing the tool to fit our workflow, which connects a Shopify e-commerce platform, Salesforce, and Xero. It is allowing us to scale with a lean team, and to manage operations much more efficiently with less chance for error since we have removed much of the manual parts of our process. I would definitely recommend it!
Samantha Collins
I would happily recommend Cin7 to anyone looking for a cloud-based inventory solution. However, please research exactly what you need from your software and make sure your integration team totally understand your needs as not doing this correctly to start can end up with you having to fix/adjust later on. Online Support is good, but Premium support is pricy and the turnaround time for support emails and problem solving is sometimes 1/3 days (query dependant), where a phone conversation can solve most queries quickly. Karma Y Gurung has been a great Support Specialist.
Peter Rowe
It's fascinating reading the reviews of Cin7 by users - some with great reviews, others with bad reviews. I'd like to offer a balance. First, the disclaimer - My company is a Cloud Software specialist. We have implemented Cin7 well over 100 times and prefer it as the inventory management solution for small to medium size companies. We are independent but earn our revenue through our work with the software. Cin7 is very good inventory management software, but it's not all things to all people, so when determining if it is the right fit for a business a lot of research is required - more than just talking to a salesperson. Talk to implementation partners to get a wider view. Talk to existing users. Often the bad reviews have arisen out of a poor experience with implementation. There are options for implementation. Go online and check for Partners who may be able to help. Support has also received negative feedback at times. If you are struggling to get the level of support you need from the software vendor, talk to a Partner - they often have full capability with the software plus the business acumen to ensure sensible solutions. Price changes have also raised the hackles of many reviewers. I concur with their view that price increases were handled poorly. The Executives behind that approach are gone. Perhaps a reflection of how their approach was received. There has been one price increase just recently. It was modest and affected just a small portion of users. As with any software, there is a need to carry out due diligence ahead of selection, finding the right implementation partner and getting the right long term support. With Cin7 you have options - the software vendor and / or the independent partners. Take ownership of your software and use the best options for your business.
Carl Barnard
Cin7 not only have a rock solid product, they also know how important it is to offer high quality integration with a wide variety of 3rd parties. In my case it's Magento 2, Xero and my 3PL warehouse, Coghlan. It took a little while to get familiar with Cin7 and to get the Magento and 3PL integrations working as I wanted, but the onboarding and implementation support from Srikanth, Diksha and others has been excellent and the company has definitely fulfilled it's promises. Reasonably priced for small business too. Highly recommended!
Sam Kimball
I love the software. Perfect for what we are doing. We are a small furniture business with a main store location, a warehouse location, and an online presence. This software does it all and the xero connection is great. It does not sync all of your outstanding items daily, instead there is a dashboard that shows all of the outstanding items and you can pick and choose which ones you'd like to sync over. This helps with organization and workflow. My previous inventory system synced daily, but synced everything and thus caused issues when I needed to change something or make a fix. I would have to go back and delete the payment on xero then go back and make the change on the inventory software and then resync. It was a nightmare. The one issue w/ cin7 as a US customer, the customer support is strong but slow and delayed. They usually get back to me quickly, but there is no live support, as they are based out of Australia I think.
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