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Pay with Wise
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Rachel Rice


Hi would avoid this like the plague - so longwinded, you have to go on to your bank and then send the exact amount with a reference. If you make a mistake it gets bounced. Easy to miss key and the payment would be held by Wise. If you bank with HSBC they will probably bounce the payment anyway. I have lost count of how many times I have set up 20 plus payments in "bills to pay" only to have it fail. Then you have to re-add. This means I have to do a few at a time which elongates the whole process. In addition, there are random stops put on payments even if you have already paid that person. Avoid at all costs. I have finally had enough and am switching to Telleroo - you speak to a real person and they are really helpful and the system seems so much better.
Matthew Goldhill

Great idea but doesn't work

When it works it's great. Most of the time you have meaningless errors, endless loading screens and zero idea how to fix. Product team need to build it properly
Giles Davis

Disappointing & glitchy

Have been using for quite a while and it really is a poorly designed and thought out plug-in Constantly fails with batches of over 50 bills giving no explanation other than to either try again or contact Xero Support (who are astoundingly clueless on Pay with Wise) Another really stupid feature is that when paying multiple bills from the a supplier, Wise pays each invoice to the supplier as an individual payment... so the poor supplier gets umpteen payments into their account costing them money in transaction fees from their bank. BAD MOVE... Needs a lot of work to be reliable which is a shame as it could be very useful.
Simon Woodhead

All well and good if Wise haven't deemed you undesirable

Millions of payments in with Wise they closed our account with no notice, no right of appeal, nothing. They jumped to a conclusion about our business activity, didn't seek to clarify with us, just binned the account. Then enter Xero with this and guess who can't use it. I'd find a lower risk option personally.
Sam Dryden

Don't bother.

Tried to use it, Found in annoying and useless. Asked for too much irrelevant personal information.
Jane Bean

Not Impressed

This took ages to set up, there was an error, I spent weeks going between Xero and Wise to sort it out. In the end we decided this is not a cost effective way of making payments and won't save us any time.
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