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The only e2e Accounts Payable solution in the UK. Fast & accurate invoice and payments automation. Less manual tasks, more time growing your business.

Benefits: APtimise allows businesses to spend more time on the things that really matter (like growing), by getting rid of the manual and time-consuming tasks in accounts payable. No more manual keying of invoices, matching to purchase orders, chasing for signatures and approvals, scheduling payments one by one and then using other systems (like bacs or online banking) to execute those payments.

Technology: UK’s only end-to-end Accounts Payable solution that combines invoice automation, via market-leading Optical Character Recognition technology, and intelligent payments on one simple platform. Key features include automatic invoice capture (99.5% guaranteed accuracy), Purchase Order matching, digital approvals and payment scheduling and execution through secure bank account integration.

Dedicated support: We are proud of our dedicated success team that will help you and your team from day 1 and on every step of the journey with APtimise.

Simple setup: APtimise connects to Xero in minutes. It also securely connects to your bank account to make payments without using other costly systems. If you have a NatWest bank account APtimise will automatically connect to it. If you don’t have a NatWest bank account you don’t need to switch your whole banking, we’ll rather make it hassle-free for you to quickly open just one bank account to use for your supplier payments and at the same time set you up on APtimise. And there are no more payment fees, these are all included in your monthly subscription fee for APtimise.

Who we are: APtimise is an exciting new innovation backed by NatWest ventures. NatWest backing enables APtimise to operate with the highest standards of security and quality enabling UK SMEs to save time, reduce fraud and focus on business growth.

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APtimise + Xero

APtimise integrates seamlessly with Xero in a two-way link that brings supplier details and coding in, and sends invoice information back. . The APtimise workflow streamlines Invoice and payment automation in to four simple digital steps:

Forward - Businesses forward supplier invoices to their APtimise email address (or ask their suppliers to use this address), whether in pdf, Word, Excel or invoices in the email body.

Capture - Invoices are automatically read, coded and validated, and matched to the corresponding Purchase Order where relevant. Unlike other solutions, APtimise offers 99.5% Invoice capture accuracy via a combination of OCR technologies and human validation. Once you’re happy, the invoices are sent to Xero.

Payment Authorisation - The next step is deciding a payment date (which can be done automatically based on your supplier terms and gaining payment approval. Early payment discounts are flagged enabling you to prioritise.

Payment Execution - Once fully approved, payments are made from your bank account on the scheduled dates. This eliminates the need to manually transfer information between Xero and the online banking system. And with invoices, POs and payments all in one place there is full visibility of invoices at any stage of the process.

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