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Liam Button
5 out of 5 stars

Great product, even better support

I've used Invoice Sherpa now with two separate information systems, QuickBooks & obviously Xero. Invoice Sherpa has interlaced great with both systems and accurately imported data from one system to another when transitioning over. It's also worth mentioning that clients do like the layout of paying invoices through Invoice Sherpa and having a centralised space for historic/outstanding invoices. We needed to transition an entire entity's accounting data over to Xero which obviously included needing to bring the data from Invoice Sherpa across also. This needed input from the Invoice Sherpa internal team to be able to be completed. They were on hand at all times during the process to be able to guide us through and answer any questions I had. If user support is the most important factor for you, I couldn't recommend this product more. My contact for any questions in regards to setting up company profiles/auto billing and payment reminder settings has surprised me from the beginning how quickly will answer my questions. I don't take it lightly to say this is the best support I've ever had for a software I've used. Highly recommended indeed.
Invoice Sherpa
Anyone who wishes to take advantage of our step-by-step guide in setting-up their Invoice Sherpa platform can do so by reserving a spot on the following link: by taking advantage of this option you'll be setting up the platform correctly and gaining the best experience and ROI, your business deserves.
Kelly Boyer
2 out of 5 stars
We frequently have automatic payments missed. Each week, I have to manually look at each customer account to determine if invoices were paid as expected. I can find no rhyme or reason as to why this happens. We are in the process of switching to another option. On our test there, even a missed payment is picked up the next day... Invoice Sherpa never catches invoices they failed to charge on the due date.

Response from InvoiceSherpa

Afternoon Kelly Boyer If you would allow us to looking into the issues you experienced please complete the form on the following link and reference: "Xero - Kboyer0922" once reciveced one of our Customer Success Managers will gladly look into and resolve the difficulties. Thank you Invoice Sherpa Inc
Chris Sims
1 out of 5 stars
Wow, we attempted to use this product and it was abysmal. Their payment processor signup page wouldn't come up because their hosting provider had blocked or canceled their account. I was told it was much better before it was bought by another company. We are looking elsewhere for something that actually works. Avoid this app!!!!!
Callum Heaney
2 out of 5 stars
I'm sure this is a great product for some businesses with limited alternatives but for the price point customisation is very limited you cant even customise the footer of emails for example. I ended up giving up after trying to upload my business's logo, after adding white space etc in Photoshop to get the exact aspect ratio they wanted, Invoice sherpa just freaked out and kept the old incorrectly cropped version and wouldn't let me change it. Given the age of the service, it seems surprisingly poor with functionality and almost incomplete feature set wise.
Rebecca Fulmer
1 out of 5 stars
We loved using Invoice Sherpa until they migrated to version 2.0. One of our users can no longer even get into the site, and after weeks of back and forth with the dev team and customer service rep, we've given up trying to log in. For those who can log in, things don't seem to have migrated correctly, and we don't like it nearly as much as 1.0. Very disappointing overall and no longer recommend the application.
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