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Nick Kelly
The Eazipay / Xero integration is great for us. We use our CRM tool (Autotask PSA) to raise invoices based on client's contracts. These invoices get posted into Xero automatically via an API. Then Xero emails the invoice to the client and automatically updates Eazipay to process the Direct Debit payment. This integration has saved us many hours of processing, every month. As well as removing the need for several manual processes, the integration also removes the chance of human error, which often crept into these processes. Eazipay were very helpful and supportive when we were implementing this integration. Nick Kelly IT Planning
John Gostling
This has been a game changer for us. We setup clients that are on DD and the invoices automatically sync to EaziPay for collection. Eazipay are really helpful, professional and easy to get along with,.
Roddy Forfar
We have been a customer of both Eazipay and Xero for a number of years, this has been a game changer in the sense of saving time and accuracy for our accounts. Eazipay are a fantastic company to work with and in 10 years i have never had an issue with them.
Gordon Muir
I've been using Eazipay for a number of years now and recently moved from SAGE to Xero, I'm glad I did! Using Eazipay e-sign up for new clients and Xero's API to generate invoices automatically which are in turn collected by Eazipay without any human interaction, I have almost no manual work to do every month to collect money from my clients, I just watch the emails coming in to tell me how much has been put into my bank! Gives me more time to concentrate on customer service. If you're not already using Eazipay and Xero, why not? Gordon www.vehicletrackingdirect.com
Nigel McCartney
We have been using Xero and Eazipay now for some time - the integration is FANTASTIC! Invoices are created in Xero and automatically get sent to Eazipay for collection on the due date...2 days after this the payment comes into our bank and is automatically reconciled against the invoice - how great is that :-) If you are using Xero - you need to get signed up for Eazipay ....01 353 864949. All your customers can also e-sign up for your DD's - this makes credit control a thing of the past
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