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Take control of your cash flow and collect customer invoice payments by Direct Debt with Eazipay’s integration with Xero.

Eazipay’s fast, efficient and Xero approved integration offers a fully automated, start-to-finish, Direct Debit payment and collection process for Xero invoices. All customer invoices generated through Xero can now be automatically paid by Direct Debit saving you huge amounts of time and resources chasing your payments.

With over 1,600 individual businesses working with us, coupled with twenty years’ experience, you can trust Eazipay to know a thing or two about how important Direct Debit collections can be to your company. No matter what it’s size, or how many years the business has been operating.

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Eazipay + Xero

Eazipay’s integration allows you to link your contacts in Xero to Direct Debit payers in EDDI – the Eazipay Direct Debit Interface. It’s the perfect partnership for your business:

  • Fully automated, start-to-finish, Direct Debit payment and collection process
  • Set up Direct Debit payments, create payments and reconcile collections (no need to log into EDDI first)
  • Import spreadsheets no longer needed or required
  • Quicker and easier payment processing reduces admin time
  • Invoice amendments automatically update the payment in EDDI
  • One click invoice payment reconciliation process
  • Free integration

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Nick Kelly
The Eazipay / Xero integration is great for us. We use our CRM tool (Autotask PSA) to raise invoices based on client's contracts. These invoices get posted into Xero automatically via an API. Then Xero emails the invoice to the client and automatically updates Eazipay to process the Direct Debit payment. This integration has saved us many hours of processing, every month. As well as removing the need for several manual processes, the integration also removes the chance of human error, which often crept into these processes. Eazipay were very helpful and supportive when we were implementing this integration. Nick Kelly IT Planning
John Gostling
This has been a game changer for us. We setup clients that are on DD and the invoices automatically sync to EaziPay for collection. Eazipay are really helpful, professional and easy to get along with,.
Roddy Forfar
We have been a customer of both Eazipay and Xero for a number of years, this has been a game changer in the sense of saving time and accuracy for our accounts. Eazipay are a fantastic company to work with and in 10 years i have never had an issue with them.
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