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4.5 out of 5 stars
A fully featured, web based veterinary practice management package - manage all aspects of your practice in the cloud.


The smartest cloud based veterinary practice management software to improve every aspect of your veterinary practice with ezyVet.
It is tailored to your unique vet practice operation and both easy and quick for vet staff to learn. There is less downtime and a lower initial set up cost which results in an increased efficiency, time saved and increased revenue. The software is cloud based so can be accessed anywhere, anytime with any device therefore allowing staff to work from home, work on the road, and to work at the client’s site.

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ezyVet + Xero

Take advantage of Xero's powerful banking and accounting tools by connecting your ezyVet software directly.

Using Xero as an add on gives you access to the easiest bank integration tools available. You will spend less time reconciling debtor and supplier payments and more time on your core business. The Xero add on will make your accountant's job easier. It is a well-established accounting software platform and your accountant is most likely already familiar with the solution. The benefits of this include reducing overheads for your practice, reducing double data entry as all customer details, supplier details, customer invoices, customer payments and supplier records automatically replicate in Xero and transfer code cost items directly to your general ledger through ezyVet which will automatically flow through to Xero.

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4.5 out of 5 stars
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Claire Cable
4 out of 5 stars
I agree with all Marcus Wells comments. We went for a detailed integration - all our product groups in ezyVet have a Xero Chart of Accounts sales and COGS account allocated to them so we get really good information pulling through vs just a 'ezyVet sales' and 'ezyVet purchases' which means we can keep a close track on our income streams and costs/expenses. We used Colleen King (aboutbusiness) to do the Xero set up. She did an amazing job and even brought in all the opening balances from the GL for the 4 months prior to when we started using Xero so we will have a complete set of financial data in our first year using Xero. I also align customer balances in both systems monthly and keep a close check on records that have failed to sync and sort these out as they arise. I do think you need one person in the team dedicated to handling the Xero integration vs allowing multiple staff access. This limits the opportunity for any kind of muck up of financial information. It would be great if they could work out a more simple way to handle customer prepayments an refunds of account credits. Overall we are very happy with the Xero integration.
Fiona Bateman
5 out of 5 stars
Having started a business a little over 12 months ago, and not having any prior business/accounting knowledge, I find the integration between Ezyvet and Xero invaluable. Xero is easy to use and intuitive - pay runs, super and BAS are all very easy to run. If mistakes or inconsistencies come up, they are easily dealt with by our accountant who can log in remotely. Being cloud based is an added bonus for both products, as we work out of several locations. I have very few problems syncing records to Xero, though I agree that having accounts in credit and processing refunds can be a little tricky to deal with for the inexperienced. Overall, we are very happy with our Ezyvet/Xero integration. Fiona Bateman - Animal Dermatology Solutions
Marcus Wells
5 out of 5 stars
The ezyvet-xero integration is fantastic! Having recently switched to Xero at the behest of the accountant I am looking forward to the next end of financial year when they will have almost all of the information they require at their fingertips immediately. This ability to effortlessly (literally) integrate our daily input directly into xero has made business management a lot easier (particularly when combined with Xero's bank feed feature and ezyvet's integration with DPS eftpos client). The one limitation is xero's inability to handle credits and 'push' them to ezyvet, requiring a work-around involving the creation of a dummy invoice in ezyvet, which is then credited. I find it useful to keep an eye on what is failing to sync to Xero in the ezyvet integration area and addressing issues as they arise. I also reconcile totals for payments received between ezyvet and xero on a monthly basis (both software suits provide good reports for this) to ensure I'm not missing any payments in xero. So far we have had a few problems with cash refunds for credits or part refunds for products - I take the blame for these problems entirely! This auditing allows us to adjust operating procedures to avoid them in the future. The software world is a complex one with many products not meeting what can be unrealistic expectations. In this case the ezyvet team have done a fine job of making these 2 pieces of software integrate in a functional and largely invisible (seamless if i was to use a catch-phrase) way. My expectations have been well and truly exceeded! Marcus Wells vets@st.clair

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