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Solves a problem for small businesses of juggling multiple systems when trading physical goods by putting 7 essential tools in 1 online platform.

Solves the problem for small businesses in having to juggle between multiple systems and business processes when making, buying, selling and shipping physical goods, whether nationally or internationally. The Combined Trading Platform (CTP) is designed to allow businesses to trade more efficiently by combining 7 essential tools into one cloud-based platform, so they can: stay connected with their business using any internet-enabled device; stop wasting time + money rekeying the same data between systems and start running the trading side of their business efficiently.

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EdgeCTP + Xero

In EdgeCTP a physical goods business performs all their day-to-day trading activities like: client contact; making products; buying; selling; deliveries; trading docs + certificates, etc. In Xero the same business accounts for all of their financial transactions and positions + balances, including connecting with bank accounts and associated payments + receipts.

EdgeCTP considers Xero as the “golden source” and seamlessly: 1) pulls in ‘static data’ from Xero to support trading activities, and 2) Updates Xero with financial ‘transaction data’, i.e. invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, etc.

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