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One platform. One login. Multiple apps. Apps for Expense Claim, Expense Pre-approval, Invoice, Receipt & Bill, Time Off, Timesheet & Travel Request.

AppsForOps aims to increase efficiencies for small and medium businesses by providing a suite of integrated business apps which end users can could access anytime, from anywhere.

Examples of applications are Expense Claim, Expense Pre-approval ,Invoice, Receipt & Bill, Scheduler, Time Off, Timesheet and Travel Request management and more.

AppsForOps customers can start with the full suite of apps, or start with one and grow to more.

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AppsForOps + Xero

Import Company Information from Xero
Import all my Payroll Employees from Xero
Import all my Expense Account Codes from Xero
Import all my Time Off Types and Balances from Xero
Import Customers from Xero
Import Suppliers from Xero
Import Inventory Items from Xero
Import a Tracking Category from Xero as Cost Centres
Import and Export Employees
Auto update Xero with Employee updates from AppsForOps
Auto publish Timesheets to Xero
Auto publish Receipts & Bills to Xero
Auto publish Sales Invoices to Xero
Auto publish Expense Claims to Xero as a Xero Expense Claim or a Xero Bill

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