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It’s how you do CRM with Xero. Connectably replaces costly, disconnected software so you get paid quicker and serve your clients more professionally.

For UK service and trades businesses who use Xero, Connectably is the leading CRM that helps you systemise your business more simply, quicker and in a more connected way. Unlike expensive, disconnected software, Connectably provides a complete software platform to manage enquiries, do follow-up email marketing, create quotes, convert sales, get paid and measure outcomes.

Connectably is the simple CRM for Xero users that connects your sales & marketing with your accounting & bookkeeping.

Connectably replaces expensive, disconnected software. All these functions are included in your £25/mo Connectably subscription:

  • CRM & Lead Management
  • Email Marketing & Automation
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Quote Builder Using Xero Data
  • Take Payments Securely - Direct Debits or Debit / Credit Cards
  • Full Integration With Xero, GoCardless, Stripe, GSuite, Office365, Zoom, Docmail and Zapier.

Connectably is how Xero-using service and trades businesses simplify disconnected sales, marketing & finance processes so they serve their clients more professionally and get paid quicker.

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Connectably + Xero

Connectably provides one of the most extensive integrations of any CRM solution on the Xero marketplace. Connectably brings your most important business systems – marketing, sales, taking payments, onboarding, bookkeeping and accounting – under management with just two core logins: Connectably and Xero:

Connecting Xero to Connectably means you:

  • always keep your customer database up to date, with every new customer in Xero synced to your CRM (& vice-versa);
  • see the value of prospective business in Connectably’s sales workflows and actual business won in both Xero and Connectably;
  • raise and send Xero invoices automatically from Connectably quotes / order forms;
  • can take secure payments on styled Connectably order forms via debit or credit cards (Stripe) or direct debit (GoCardless), and;
  • can track ‘sales to date’ by contact in your CRM.

Connectably helps you, your bookkeeper & accountant to:

  • have simpler points of focus for reviewing, measuring and helping guide your business;
  • save effort, errors and admin time by not having to re-key invoices in Xero;
  • have payments reconciled automatically in Xero, saving time on Xero bookkeeping;
  • see what creates paying customers, by automatically mapping Connectably ‘lead source’ to Xero’s ‘tracking categories’ so that;
  • without extra effort, review how and which of your marketing and sales activities drive your revenue and profit in Xero’s financial reports.
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