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A one-stop App where you can view a single report with all clients’ Xero financials, past problems and solutions and set up unlimited bespoke alerts

Allows accountants to gather a summary of all client's data linked to Xero and view it on one screen.

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Scoop + Xero

Scoop connects with Xero's authorised API link. Features include:

The key feature of Scoop is our unique Report Grid where you can see all your linked clients’ summarised data on one screen: includes VAT status, bank balances, debtors, year to date profit/loss position and net worth. You can also drill down from the grid to see more detail on the client review page, and add notes and alerts.

Our User Management screen allows you to set up access to Scoop for an unlimited number of your partners and staff. You can also link client managers to a responsible partner. This latter feature means you can filter your Report Grid view to focus on client groups managed by a particle user.

You can change the overnight sync schedule by accessing the Default settings feature. This allows you to determine which days of the week your data is updated.

Potentially, this feature, the ability to add notes to a client review page, will be of most value to clients. The process is easy to access and use. Users can also set up alerts that remind them to deal with a particular issue at a future date.

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