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Powerful business intelligence and reporting for operators and advisors to gain deep insights into the performance of their business.

Malartu is a powerful business intelligence and reporting tool for advisors and their clients to gain meaningful insights from their data. Malartu combines the ease-of-use of a dashboard tool with the power of enterprise business intelligence, empowering advisors to build dashboards and reports specific to their client's business without the need for code or adoption of complex tools.

Malartu is ideal for the advisor who is serious about delivering value to clients, not just through standard financial ratios, but by incorporating operational data and bespoke dashboards to arrive at truly meaningful insights.

The team at Malartu will partner with your firm to grow your advisory practice through data, future-proof technology, and unprecedented support.

Highlights include:

  • Deep analytics capabilities: from blending data sources, to making custom calculations, to time-series visualizations, to predictive analytics.
  • Presentation: dashboards are simple to build and adjust on the fly. Bring all of your client's data to your fingertips and enhance every client meeting.
  • Pre-Built Libraries: create pre-built templates to easily scale your best-in-class reporting technology throughout your client base and instantly standup new clients with top-tier reporting.
  • Consolidations: effortlessly consolidate your client's businesses with complete flexibility, from clients with 2 to 2,000+ business units.
  • Internal and External benchmarking: leverage Malartu's database of millions of industry benchmarks or generate deep benchmarking insights from your own client data. Use your firm's extensive client base as a competitive advantage with Malartu.
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Malartu + Xero

Malartu integrates with your Xero account in seconds, giving you the power and flexibility to work with any data point in your account. Work with multiple tracking categories, budget data, and the rest of your general ledger with ease. Use Malartu's custom metric builder to create calculations like margin calculations or complex functions with only a few clicks. Plot and visualize any set of metrics and tables in a simple, drag-and-drop dashboard interface.

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