Fully automated end-to-end VAT/GST reclaim solution. Our patented artificial intelligence technology enables automated VAT/GST submission and recovery.

    WAY2VAT was established in 2016 in order to challenge the status quo in the VAT industry and make VAT refunds accessible to every business. The fully automated, AI-based solution brings an end to the tedious, time-consuming process of preparing VAT reclaims, replacing it with a much more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

    Our easy-to-use system means that there is no reason to leave refundable VAT on the table, just because the invoices are difficult to read, confusing, and/or for small individual amounts. WAY2VAT’s patented AI technology scans and interprets every VAT receipt and invoice, automatically completes VAT reclaim documentation and submits it to the relevant tax authorities.

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    WAY2VAT + Xero

    WAY2VAT integrates directly with Xero, offering a dynamic, one-way sync that pulls relevant VAT reclaim information from selected Xero organisations into the WAY2VAT platform.

    The WAY2VAT Xero integration draws invoice data and images from your Xero account via an API. It then analyses your data and images to identify recoverable VAT, processes it automatically, and seamlessly submits it to the tax authorities. The integration only pulls Xero Bills which were PAID from Xero accounts that include foreign VAT.

    WAY2VAT is fully compliant with GDPR. The cutting-edge ability to detect claimable VAT generates hassle-free, accurate VAT returns for every company.

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