Spend smarter at work with Spendesk & Xero! This powerful combination lets finance teams control and track all employee payments from a single platform, while automating tedious reconciliation and bookkeeping tasks.

    Spendesk is smart payments and even smarter software that helps businesses take control of employee spending. With virtual and physical cards, custom approval workflows, automated expense reports and accounting software integrations, Spendesk helps businesses optimise all operational spending. Employees are empowered to pay for what they need, while management and finance teams stay in control.

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    Spendesk + Xero

    Save countless hours each month on reconciliation and bookkeeping with the Spendesk Xero integration.

    • Payments auto sync. All employee payments made through Spendesk are automatically transferred into Xero.
    • Painless reconciliation. Receipts are pushed from Spendesk to Xero in just one click, while invoices are automatically reconciled with their corresponding transactions and expense account.
    • Bookkeeping is a breeze. Tracking categories set up in Spendesk will be sent to Xero, while VAT rates are automatically extracted by Marvin, the Spendesk bot.
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