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Primo Payroll

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Empowering Payroll Bureaus & Accountants. Our unique approach to meeting the requirements of Bureaus and Accountants has proved invaluable to Primo Payroll customers, particularly given the complexities and challenges AE has provided.


Revolutionary Multi-Company Processing Engine.

Performing routine tasks or tracking critical payroll deadlines for multiple companies has never been easier. Primo Payroll’s Bureau interface comes with a powerful payroll processing engine that can process all your clients at once. An intuitive notification panel alerts you of every single payroll deadline of your entire client base, and you can complete the tasks through it. You can also access the employee records of your clients without having to open a specific company.

What can take hours with traditional payroll software takes minutes with Primo Payroll. A powerful, easy, and complaint software for your payroll needs.

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Primo Payroll
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Primo Payroll + Xero

Primo Payroll offers the integration with Xero allowing both accounting and the payroll software to communicate directly with each other and it will produce the payroll journal in a file format that is unique to Xero.

The integration facility eliminates the manual data export and import process which automates the tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks.

With the use of Primo Payroll and Xero together, users will be able to increase efficiency, avoid duplication of efforts and reduce the possibility of manual processing errors.

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