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Pay with Wise

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1.7 out of 5 stars
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James Mole
1 out of 5 stars


After months of trying to get past the verified screen, I've given up. Awful experience.
James Youngman
1 out of 5 stars

Terrible onboarding and non existent customer service

Onboarding has been a terrible experience. Our account was setup and payments were made to suppliers. Then without warning, Wise stopped sending our payments whilst they ran checks on us. They did not advise us they had done this either, resulting in unhappy suppliers. It has been a week now and they have still not completed the checks with no ETA provided. We have had to seek a refund from Wise and send the payments via our bank account. Very poor.
Jenny Mackenzie
3 out of 5 stars
Generally the process works and works with a reasonable amount of transactions. I would make the following comments:- Value for Money - it depends - if you have say 50 + payments to make on each payment run and you have to enter each payment manually which takes a huge amount of time then paying the per transaction fee for the integration and the 0.32p from wise is definitely worth it. Depends on how much to value your time and it does redult human error. However I do think that the Xero charges are a bit steep. If you were using a BACS service then you would pay for this service also. Foreign Payments - these cannot be done with the integration however there are huge plusses to using Wise for your foreign payments as the fees are considerably cheaper i.e under £1 when they can be £15 from a standard high street bank. Errors with the system - we have had issues with the system especially when the batch has a reasonable amount of transactions in it. It sometimes looks like nothing has happened and hangs but when you look in Wise the transaction is there and you can carry on as normal. We have also had errors which Xero Support recommended that we cleared the cookies in the browser to resolve. This is not ideal and a total pain and we sometimes have to switch browsers to get it to work. Transferring the exact amount or not - this is a red herring - as long as there is enough funds in the Wise bank account you will be able to confirm the batch. So transferring the exact amount is not important. The number of steps - there are a few too many - The batch is prepared in Xero as you would prepare any batch, the integration follows on from that. The money required will need to be transferred to the wise bank account if there is not enough money. Once there is enough money then within Wise you need to complete the payment using the payment wizard - you have to ensure you have the correct Batch reference or it will not work. I hope the comments are helpful. If you are from Xero - please sort the tech issues with hanging, batch size and also allow for payroll and foreign payments and it would be a much better product.
Asad Mahmood
1 out of 5 stars

Avoid Please

Its take more time to pay bills with wise then log in to your bank and pay online. The clients are very unhappy with it. 20 bills took an hour and 25 mins because it kept bouncing back without any reason. Just Avoid
Rachel Rice
1 out of 5 stars


Hi would avoid this like the plague - so longwinded, you have to go on to your bank and then send the exact amount with a reference. If you make a mistake it gets bounced. Easy to miss key and the payment would be held by Wise. If you bank with HSBC they will probably bounce the payment anyway. I have lost count of how many times I have set up 20 plus payments in "bills to pay" only to have it fail. Then you have to re-add. This means I have to do a few at a time which elongates the whole process. In addition, there are random stops put on payments even if you have already paid that person. Avoid at all costs. I have finally had enough and am switching to Telleroo - you speak to a real person and they are really helpful and the system seems so much better.
Matthew Goldhill
1 out of 5 stars

Great idea but doesn't work

When it works it's great. Most of the time you have meaningless errors, endless loading screens and zero idea how to fix. Product team need to build it properly
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