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Mayday Recharger

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Alexandra Serra
5 out of 5 stars

A month-end gamechanger

We love Mayday! Month-end, with all the work to deliver management information, is such a chore for us as a finance team. As a fast-growing business, it's imperative we get our MI out fast. But the sheer volume of manual work has always got in the way. Enter Mayday. The product is brilliantly conceived. So intuitive and easy to use. The support and proactive suggestions for how we can get more out of the product are absolutely fantastic. The team are incredibly responsive to feedback. We love how quickly the product is being developed. I just wish I could give a product more than 5 stars!
Harriet Hope
5 out of 5 stars

Mayday gives Xero wings

As a company, we've used Xero since day 1. We love it. Our business has grown rapidly. We've added more entities to the group, and lots of complexity. Increasingly we'd been hitting the limits of Xero as a system. We'd resigned ourselves to the fact that our days with Xero were numbered. That all changed when we found Mayday. It superpowers us as a Xero-using finance team. Mayday is extending our life with Xero as a business, which we're absolutely thrilled about. Mayday really does give Xero wings!
Joe David
5 out of 5 stars

A core tool in delivering a professional finance function to clients

We at Nephos are an accounting firm that deliver virtual finance function services to our clients. We do their bookkeeping and monthly management reporting for them. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we deliver. We've developed a great process to use Xero and its app ecosystem to deliver regular and accurate bookkeeping information. It's a continued challenge to get clients to see the value of accounting adjustments within their management accounts. We're lucky Xero makes processing depreciation as easy as it does. Accruals and prepayments are a different story. As are intercompany recharges for those clients with multiple connected entities. Those recharges frequently end up getting processed in one go as part of the year end accounts. Which ends up taking more time as no-one can remember what the transactions are. That's why finding Mayday Recharger was so brilliant. Now in just a couple of minutes, we can deliver clients more accurate monthly management information. And save ourselves time we can't charge for at year end. Mayday Recharger is now a core software in delivering a professional finance function to clients.
Brian Nichol
5 out of 5 stars

A vital part of the part-time finance leader's toolkit

I'm a fractional CFO for a range of startups and SMEs. I ensure they have a top draw finance tech stack, including monthly management and tax reporting. For my clients with multiple connected entities in their group, intercompany recharges are an integral part of that. But they are so time-consuming to process, especially with complex calculations and for the larger Groups. Lots of exporting data from Xero, manual identification of transactions and then Excel calculations to compute the relevant recharges. What a relief to discover Mayday Recharger! Their rules are so easy to set up and the automatic calculations take seconds to process each month, with just a couple of minutes to review and easily make any adjustments where we want a different recharge treatment to apply. Mayday Recharger brings enterprise-grade functionality to Xero at SME pricing. It extends the life span of Xero for rapidly expanding businesses, and has quickly become a key part of my toolkit as a portfolio CFO.
David McKay
5 out of 5 stars

A must have for any finance team with multiple entities in their group

As the CFO of a fast growing business, month end is a mad dash. We're a small finance team with lots to do. I'm always on the look out for opportunities to make the process less painful and more efficient. Every now and then you stumble across a piece of software that just makes sense. It fits seamlessly into your process as a finance team. And you soon wonder how you managed without it. That was the case the first time I used Xero's bank rules and VAT return filing functionality. It's been the same with Mayday Recharger. We have multiple entities in our group. We've always aspired to post our intercompany recharges monthly. It's so important to the accuracy of our internal, as well as tax, reporting. But it's been so cumbersome to do. Now it takes just 2 minutes. The product is incredibly easy to use. The team are fantastically helpful and eager for feedback. Mayday Recharger should be a core part of the software stack for the finance team of any multi-entity group. We love Xero as a team, but the challenge of running intercompany recharges had been a key factor in us thinking we'd soon need to assess other options as we continue to scale internationally. Mayday Recharger has removed that issue for us.
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