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A flexible and scalable cloud-based POS. Kounta works on anything, is easy to use, yet powerful enough to run any size store.

Our products are created for (and by) people who love to produce, sell and share great food, so they can connect better, work faster and smarter, and keep growing.

We started out with a Point of Sale system and have reimagined what’s possible in foodservice.

Designed in Sydney, Kounta’s products help thousands of businesses, from nomadic pop ups, to category-defining franchises all over the globe, change the face of Foodservice.

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Kounta + Xero

Our Xero Accounting Integration allows you to configure your Kounta to automatically synchronise end of day takings, customer account sales and, seamlessly manage purchase orders.

Don’t let manual processes slow growth. Automate away the hassle of data entry and gain a meticulous, real-time view of your business' performance.

Automatic reconciliation - Kounta syncs money in/out, tips, revenue, gift cards and more to Xero so you don't have to.

Sync accounts both ways - Orders put on Account in Kounta reflect in Xero.

Accounts invoicing - Invoices can be sent or paid in Kounta and or Xero is automatically updated. And vice versa.

Advanced mapping - Map sales and costs associated with products - plus sides, tips, and taxes - to specific Xero accounts.

Manage contacts - customer & supplier details input into Kounta sync to Xero.

Easy setup - Enable the add-on in Kounta, enter your Xero account details, and cruise through our simple onboarding flow to get started in minutes.

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