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AccountingWEB 2018 Innovation of the Year. Xero Emerging App Partner 2018. “World class” “True disruptor”. Discover a new way to manage cash flow.

Fluidly is an Intelligent Cash flow engine for businesses and their financial advisors, helping to manage the cash coming in, the cash going out and everything in between. We integrate with Xero to automagically forecast cash flow, then set about improving it – starting with getting you paid faster and more reliably with intelligent credit control.

Fluidly uses artificial intelligence to produce a baseline cash flow forecast, so you can instantly see the financial future of one business or of many. No need for hours of manual input - our cash flow forecasts are always real-time and updated automatically from Xero for better financial decision-making.

Our automated debtor management is pretty special too (if we do say so ourselves!). We help your credit control process to become a fine tuned machine, getting you paid faster and saving hours of time.

Whether you’re a business owner who wants to get peace of mind around whether you’ll make payroll, or an accountant who needs to be able to confidently monitor key financial metrics for a wide range of clients, Fluidly can help you understand and analyse the future - and without a spreadsheet in sight.

Ta da! No wonder we’re one of the fastest-growing apps in the Xero marketplace.

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Fluidly + Xero

Since launch we’ve been working tirelessly to build the features that business owners and financial advisors want to see. So far, we’re most proud of:

AI-powered cash flow forecasting - predict your future bank balance and see all upcoming cash movements for any day, week or month.

Adjust future forecasts - if you know something our machines don’t, edit lines in the forecast to update the predictions. Fluidly produces a baseline forecast with no modelling required, so you can focus on fine-tuning.

Professional credit control with automated reminders and call scheduling - our users save 10+ hours each week and get paid up to 10 days faster. Artificial Intelligence picks out good or bad payers so you can customise your approach and dont chase invoices unnecessarily.

See Automated Credit Control (Youtube Link)

Export cash flow forecasting – export a fully formed cash flow forecast from Fluidly to Excel.

Complete financial overview – get an instant gauge of your businesses financial health on the overview page. No need to spend time pulling reports, Fluidly gives you the figures that matter.

Individual credit limits - minimise your risk of bad debt by setting credit limits and being alerted if your customers are trading over these.

Debtor tracking and CRM - keep a complete history of calls, meetings, emails, payment cycles, vendor numbers and more. No more wondering what the latest status is.

Prioritised action list - Fluidly uses smart logic to show the most urgent outstanding debts and spot threats ahead of time so you can always focus your time most efficiently.

Automated statements - choose any day of the month to schedule statements to go to customers automatically - no more manual processing.

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