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Flagship Reporting
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Joseph Marlow

An easy and intuitive app

Can't believe I ever used excel to produce management reports. Flagship has saved me so much time yet also has allowed me to produce reports which are preferred by my clients due to the professional aesthetic.
Mike Ashby-Hall

Great app

Really user friendly and intuitive app, it makes producing reports far easier.
Jaryd Neuville

Customized Reporting Tool

Flagship Reporting is a modern tool that is not only super-friendly to use but has the customization that any end-user would love to see. This is a reporting tool to watch out for as it will only grow from here!
Dale Nursten

New reporting tool with a fresh approach

Flagship bring a fresh approach to building financial reporting by giving you an Excel like approach to building your reports but within the power of a clean web interface. This allows you to customise and build views that are meaningful to you and your business. Cool features like the ability to integrate aged analysis from accounts receivable and payables into the report are very innovative. I look forward to seeing the upcoming features and improvements.
Marek Rudzki

Modern approach to accounting reporting

Flagship Reporting is simple and intuitive app with clean, beautiful UI. It allows users create dynamic reports and easily reuse it for different periods and companies. It has excellent customisation options for Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reports, charts and user configurable widgets.
Ben Hooper

A unique reporting solution

Flagship offers a completely different way or presenting financial information. Its flexible and easy to use. Visually, they are the best reports i've seen.
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