The missing link between Xero and your business bank account. Bulk pay all your bills, salaries and taxes without the need for corporate banking.


    Born out of frustration at just how tedious business banking can be, we decided it was time for a bit of magic. Some marvel at the way we pay our staff, taxes and bills.

    The best magic is full of wonder and but pretty uncomplicated at heart. That’s how our software operates, you don’t see how it works, you just get the good bits. All your payments are taken care of in one place - one fabulous all singing, all dancing wondrous payments hub.

    We're Comma. Business banking with more of the magic and less of the BS.

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    Comma + Xero

    Comma syncs with Xero to pull in all your existing data such as; supplier names, references, amounts due and account details.

    Using this data you can create and pay payment runs by selecting the bills you want to pay, reviewing the details and initiating payment, in bulk, through your existing business bank account.

    Payment information is also automatically pushed back into Xero making it easy for you to reconcile against any payments you have made.

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    Formula Media

    Saved time - made my payment easy and fun.

    I've used Comma from day one prior to being available as an integration into Xero for my business payments and it's been a genuine blessing. I no longer have to log into the bank, set up bulk payments, then reconcile in Xero. The back and forth between bank and Xero is no longer. Comma has enabled me to access a list of payments prepared by my accountant monthly. I can access these via a link sent to me on my phone, scroll through, approve and quite simply, everything is sorted for me. No logins shared, nothing else required. Very highly recommended.
    Lucy Drew
    This program makes paying multiple invoices so simple. It synchronises with Xero to pull through all unpaid invoices, then you simply select all invoices you want to pay and this creates a payment run. It also shows the user due dates for all invoices, highlighting any that are overdue or due imminently. It is so simple to use and if you do have any issues, their Support Team are so responsive and will work to resolve problems quickly. It has made setting up bulk payments so much simpler and I have no hesitation in recommending this program.
    Boro Tanchev
    Being able to create bulk payments and pay the invoices with just a few clicks has saved us a lot of time since we started using Comma. It also makes sure that you pay the correct amount and don't miss any of the due invoices, as they are all listed in the "Payments" tab. It is super user-friendly and I would definitely recommend it to all our clients!
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