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    Join the low-carbon revolution. Carbon Analytics' automates carbon footprinting for your business - measurement, certification, reporting


    Climate change is accelerating around the globe. As a result, there’s an increasing expectation need for businesses to produce carbon footprint metrics. With Carbon Analytics you can get these metrics for your business in a matter of minutes and begin managing and reducing them over time. Whether for reporting to investors, governments, customers or for internal management, Carbon Analytics makes it easy and fast to join the low-carbon economy. Used by thousands of companies from coffee shops to multi-nationals, Carbon Analytics is the new way to get environmental reporting done.

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    Carbon Analytics assesses the inputs to your business (your purchases) and produces a carbon footprint for each - in aggregate this is your firm's complete carbon footprint. Once your footprint is created you can update it anytime by syncing your latest purchases and get analysis and recommendations for improvement. You'll also have access to Carbon Analytics certifications and website badges that can be shared with customers as well as a growing marketplace of carbon offset, green power and other low-carbon solutions.

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    3.5 out of 5 stars
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    Tom Kiss
    2 out of 5 stars

    Good intentions but poor execution

    I've been using the Carbon Analytics service, with Xero integration for my first year operating. I've a small business and so not many transactions to process. When I started using the service there were frequent bugs occurring, to the extent that it was not always usable. Unfortunately, after a year of using Carbon Analytics, these bugs have mostly not been resolved. I've come to view my annual report and bugs on the front end are preventing me from syncing transactions to update my report. In addition, some bugs which I noticed at the start, such as the service "Grammarly" being matched to the business category of "Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation" - have not been fixed during the year. The results in the actual data produced being of questionable quality, and so my faith in the results its reporting has diminished. I have no doubt that the company has the best intentions but sadly the execution here is lacking and ultimately, as it stands now the product is broken.
    Wayne Turner
    5 out of 5 stars
    Odyssey Sensors ( retained Carbon Analytics to perform an impact measurement for our company's B-Corporation Assessment. We were amazed at how super easy it was to sync with Xero and on top of that Carbon Analytics did an amazing job pulling out data and information we didn't even know. We now use these impact measurement tools to get regular updates on our business and review these reports in our quarterly board meetings. Also, free is a good price! We highly recommend Carbon Analytics for any organization that aims to use business for good.
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