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Food Market Hub is a cloud-based platform that helps F&B businesses easily manage supply orders and keep track of inventory and costs, making it easy for them to understand their purchasing habits and save time on supply management

Food Market Hub’s solution consists of:

• Cloud-based procurement and inventory system – this manages and keeps track of sourcing, food procurement, costs, inventory and operational tasks easily and seamlessly.

• AI technology – Food Market Hub helps F&B businesses forecast their purchasing needs. Its AI technology is able to analyse past data to recommend usage of raw ingredients, resulting in better food inventory control.

A single restaurant may need to process some 200 purchase orders every month. Previously, most of this was done manually, making it tedious as well as prone to human error. And when a restaurant grows or becomes a franchise using a central kitchen, complexity increases exponentially. Our goal is to thrive in making every F&B business run effortlessly by providing a transparent and healthy ecosystem. We’ve been constantly improving to build customized solutions to suit every customer by automating F&B business supply chain and understanding an insightful picture on their overall food cost and wastage.

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Food Market Hub + Xero

Once Food Market Hub and Xero are connected, Food Market Hub will become the central point of all purchasing management, inventory management and food cost management within your business. This means that all inventory-related purchases, sales & manufacturing will be performed in Food Market Hub and will be synchronized over to Xero in form of invoices, bills and journal entries.

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