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    Connect Xero to data from other applications and databases, consolidating that data into a central location where its ready for analysis.


    Stitch is an ETL service built for developers. Stitch connects to today’s most popular business tools – Xero, Salesforce, Facebook Ads, and many more – and replicates the raw data to a data warehouse. With Stitch, decision-makers are free to interact with their company’s data using the tools of their choice, whether that’s BI platforms, data science languages like R and Python, or a simple SQL client.

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    Stitch + Xero

    Stitch extracts your Xero data via the API, structuring it in a way that is optimized for analysis, and inserts that data into your data warehouse.

    Free historical data.
    We replicate all available historical data from Xero—for free. No data dump necessary.

    Selective replication.
    Don’t replicate what you don’t need. Select only the tables and fields that you want in your data warehouse.

    Easy scheduling.
    Specify when and how often you need your data replicated — from every minute to once a day.

    Error handling.
    Our system will detect and report on any errors that arise in your data pipeline. We automatically resolve issues whenever possible, and notify you when your input is needed.

    Logging and monitoring.
    Monitor and review Stitch’s replication progress with detailed Extraction Logs and Loading Reports.

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