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Chris Newman
Posted 2 Sep 2021
1 out of 5 stars

Gave up on it

I used to use it all the time and the link was reliable when updating details of clients. Then it stopped working, then sometimes it would say it was working, and then it did work, and then it didn't work again. Contacted Insightly and they did not seem to know much about the app. It had very limited functionality anyway so I ditched it.
Strass Berger
Posted 30 Jan 2019
POSTIVIES: Insightly offers a logically structured CRM software that helps to organize your business. Helpful features include tags, ability to assign tasks directly, link emails to Insightly to see the thread directly in the software, visually see progress/percent completion on tasks, and more. NEGATIVES: - With that being said, if you are a SMALL BUSINESS, do NOT expect to be taken care of by Insightly customer service. If you did want to be taken care of, you need to prepare to have to add a substantial budget for assistance. -I was very disappointed because after speaking to the sales representative in August, I was offered a whole package that unfortunately took a MONTH to confirm. By that time the package was no longer available, and all the training sessions that were originally offered with my package had disappeared. When i revisited the training a few months later, Insightly tried to sell me a whole new packages to buy additionally. Obviously being a small business, this is absolutely not possible for us because the investment of Insightly is already a substantial investment.
Leanne Harivel
Posted 21 Jun 2018
4 out of 5 stars
Hi I am just into my first week of trial to see if the Insightly crm intergrated with Xero is going to be suitable for our organisation. So fa I am pretty impressed. Once small thing that is very important. Can we turn Xero quotes into Insightly Opportunities? It would be fantastic if someone could offer some way to do this as I need to make some decisions on this programme in a couple of days.
Nick Dorogavtsev
Posted 23 May 2017
2 out of 5 stars
We have been using Insightly for over 4 years now. Started way before Xero integration been created. I love: - Database structure, the only CRM on the market, that I know of, that can actually reflect complex relationships in between people and multiple connections (eg. John Smith is a husband to this person, thather to another, treasurer at this organisation, accountant at this firm, servicing as an accountant 15 of other firms, also investor in this company, related to 2 of our projects, and related to 5 opportunities in our sales pipeline). - Synchronisation with Gmail. As soon as contact is added I have it in my Gmail and my Phone Contacts. - Dynamic Task lists, we can assign tasks to each other and easilly check when they are done. The area of productivity where WFM and XPM is failing missirably. - Custom Fields. You can create any field you want to track particular activity. All of the above is useless since they have switched to Zendesk and it is impossible to contact support. They have been making it more and more and more and more difficult. Even if you spend and hour looking for how to submit your question it goes to public forum and you do not get an answer for months, sometimes none at all. So the system works for us as we have set it up when Inshigtly used to have support. New users now... Good luck figuring it out on your own.
Matthew Stockdale
Posted 8 Dec 2016
4 out of 5 stars
Hi Patrick, Great work with the integration. Our nonprofit doesn't use invoices much since most income is in the form of donations, often unexpected. When reconciling in Xero we categorise each item to the relevant contact, but when viewing the Xero data from within Insightly this income doesn't seem to show up. Could all finance data for the contact be sucked in rather than just the invoices/bills?
Harold Broese van Groenou
Posted 29 Nov 2016
Great that this integration exists, but Insightly shows Xero items that have been deleted or archived in the Create Draft Invoice feed. This appears to be a Xero API bug. Can this be fixed? Read more about this issue here:
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