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Use Tablets on workshop floor and the Empower App to track, schedule and report: Jobs, Tasks and Individual Staff and Times in real time.

Jobbing manufacturers and engineers. Empower has necessary depth of functionality and reporting to meet the complexities of workflow on your workshop floor. After 19 years Empower is now among World Leaders in Workshop Productivity and Scheduling Software Apps.

Production Management have real time reporting tool to plan and monitor production far better. Real time reporting on 50 inch TVs on workshop walls and office walls. Empower guarantee two outcomes: 1 you will secure 20% to 40%+ reduction in Job times, therefore 20% to 40%+ reduction in labour cost, within 6 months and 2 you will be using Empower well in Week 1 and securing significant gains.

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Empower Workshop Productivity & Scheduling
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Empower Workshop Productivity & Scheduling + Xero

Empower has both integration options, including 1 Xero Invoice to Empower New Job 2 Xero Quote to Empower New Job 3 Empower New Job to Xero Draft Invoice

Go to www.empowersoftware/help/xero to read about it

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Richard Curley
“Debrich Joinery manufacture complete residential joinery solution including kitchens, vanities, bedroom cabinets, wardrobe units, vanities, entertainment units, outdoor kitchens, cellars, etc. We are based in Sydney, NSW, Australia. We have been in business 27 years and employ 27 staff and we have been using Empower Software for 7 years. Prior to Empower we used “Cheat sheets” my workshop staff at the end of the day had to remember and record manually all the jobs they worked on. They also had to remember and record (and in many cases guessed) the start and finish time of each job therefore the time they spent on each job was distorted. On Empower Software we track our 3 teams of staff including all our workshop staff, our design staff and our installation staff off site Job times reported down to task level is key. Our Job stages which we have times on every Job are 1) Design 2) Machine 3) Assemble and 4) Install I estimate our jobs are completed in 15% less labour time overall therefore 15% less labour cost on our jobs Four ingredients of high quality information from Empower Software 1) real time reporting 2) accurate to the minute times 3) Job times down to task level and 4) reporting individual staff involved in each task on the Job and their actual times involved. With this high quality information in most cases we can fairly and accurately pin point issues and discuss the issues openly and positively. Anyone is welcome to phone me to discuss this case study” Richard Curely Managing Director Debrich Joinery
Peter Healey
We have achieved a 20% increase in our factory productivity using the Empower Workshop Productivity & Scheduling Software App Key Points we have found using the Empower Workshop Productivity & Scheduling Software App: 1. It took us a few years to embrace the system and in the first few years just used it as a tool to replace manual job sheets without analysing the information it offered. During this time we still saw noticeable improvements in the time taken by staff solely because they could now see what time was allowed against what they were taking. 2. Over the last few years we have been taking the info and analysing downtime and rework and this is where a largest increase in productivity has come from. 3. Being able to pinpoint areas where a certain staff member might be struggling is invaluable. It gives us the opportunity to work with that staff member to improve their performance or change systems to improve their productivity. 4. You need your staff to fully commit to the system for it to work properly 5. Its definitely worth contracting David Lawrence [Production Advisor] to help set the system up for you and then again to review how its working. We still have significant work to do with our system as there are still many areas where we are not fully utilising the systems and reports 6. I have no regrets in purchasing Empower but do regret not fully committing to it soon enough to fully benefit from the information produced. I was and still am guilty of not nominating one person to look after Empower and produce the weekly reports for my managers to analyse and discuss with the staff
Debbie Clearwater
“Transport Engineers Otago are engineers, we are Truck Body Builders, including chassis modifications and hydraulics. We have been in business for 20+ years and employ 10 engineers on the workshop floor We have achieved an estimated 20% reduction in time on jobs overall Key Points we have found Empower Workshop Productivity and Scheduling Software: 1 Empower is a great tool 2 Work shop staff ease of use, and flexible 3 Management ease of use, and flexible 4 I break trucks into average of 30 Tasks. Empowers accurate actual times to each Task makes for constructive discussions with work shop staff about times achieved and also management about times achieved 5 I am a big believer of work shop staff and job times transparency. Empower reports time in real time and accurate to the minute which is very powerful 6 It took me about a month to learn and use Empower well 7 In summary Empower is an amazing tool that makes my life easier and allows me to do a better job as production manager
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