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Automated cloud document management and CRM, designed specifically for accountants in practice, that seamlessly integrates with Xero Practice Manager

FYI has been specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s Xero accounting practice. Through a unique blend of document management and CRM, FYI delivers a step-change in practice automation and efficiency.

At FYI, it is our mission to liberate accountants - halving the time it takes to complete tasks on compliance jobs through automation and easy access to all relevant information.

FYI can be deployed in a way that suits your practice. Dip your toe in or dive head first. It’s up to you.

STEP 1: EMAIL + TASK MANAGEMENT. Email has overtaken hard copy mail and the telephone as the primary communication tool between accountants and their clients. Take the first step with FYI and ensure that every email in or out of your practice is hitting the client file – even those sent from your iPhone.

STEP 2: DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT + CRM: Employ FYI’s powerful template engine to drive consistency in every letter, spreadsheet and presentation deck. Have your MS Outlook calendar immediately update the client file. The ability to search, sort and filter in FYI renders a complete overview of the client or family group.

STEP 3: PROCESS AUTOMATION + WORKFLOW: This is where fun really begins. FYI is on a journey to bring the digital world to the doorstep of your practice. As FYI has been built for the cloud, it can integrate with just about anything. Want to instantly import source documents as soon they are added to a client’s DropBox? Sure. How about automatically importing and checking assessments from the ATO? We’ve got that covered. Then use the workflow engine to assign tasks and manage the approval process.

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FYI + Xero

Xero Practice Manager

FYI seamlessly integrates with Xero Practice Manager, synchronising the latest client, group and team information. Use this information to manage your client documents and as merge fields as part of FYI’s powerful template engine.

There is no need for a lengthy data conversion. As both FYI and Xero Practice Manager are born in the cloud, your client and team information is synchronised in minutes. To get started, simply enter a key generated by Xero Practice Manager.

Maintaining a single source of truth for client information is essential in any accounting practice. As soon as changes are made to client or team information in Xero Practice Manager, it is instantly synchronised and available in FYI.

Autofile Xero Reports

Via automation, FYI can process repetitive tasks on your behalf. The Xero Ledger integration allows you to automatically import and auto-file batches of reports from your client’s ledger. With a single click, all reports are automatically named and filed in FYI according to practice preference. If the amounts change, simply re-run the batch to create a new version. __

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