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Collect data from Xero, combine and visualize it with all your other data sources in one smart data warehouse for a 360 degree view of your business.

Panoply is a smart data warehouse that automates all three key aspects of the data analytics stack: data collection & transformation (ETL), database storage management, and query performance optimization. Panoply empowers anyone working with data analytics to quickly gain actionable insights on their own - without the need of IT and Engineering.

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Panoply + Xero

In finance, there is often a gold mine hidden within accounting data. But mining for gold requires significant analyses, often integrating with other data sources like CRM tools. Panoply makes it easier to turn raw data into analysis by storing all information in one place and making it readily queryable by any business intelligence tool. The integration with Xero immediately moves your accounts, invoices, journals, credit notes, and more into that one place, your Panoply smart data warehouse.

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Added in 2019


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